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Dmitry Kmelnitsky (Lustre)

Born 1973 in Kiev, Ukraine
Lives in Los Angeles, USA

Works mainly with video, sound and installations.

Dmitry Kmelnitsky is founder of ‘Uchronia’, an electronic music project, and the co−founder of ‘Lustre’, an interdisciplinary creative group that addresses socio−cultural issues in the convergence of arts and technology. His multimedia, video and installation works have been exhibited in galleries, performing arts centers, as well as in national and international media art festivals. As a composer, designer and media artist he explores innovative experiential and narrative approaches to communication through motion−based, immersible and interactive audiovisual media. Dmitry is professor of Multimedia Arts at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. USA.

For FERNFELD he contributed a video called ‘City Unfolds’.