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Artists: Peter Wildanger Ι Rivkah Young

We founded FERNFELD in October 2008. It is an art-project, cooperating with different artists from different fields of art. In each case a place is the topic, themed is always the own point of view and reflection.
The idea for FERNFELD is the result of our parallel operation: since 2004 we explore and photograph different places together. Peter Wildanger concentrates on the fundamental questions of photography, in this context he explores the diversification of reality caused by the medial transformation. Rivkah Young is looking for scenes, which sub serve conveying a sense or a state to accrue a new connection, which is incumbent upon the viewer. Despite the proximity and the simultaneousness different images are created by these excursions. By this awareness the project FERNFELD was first permuted working with different artists in Yichang, China in 2008.
FERNFELD is a term used in the acoustics, which in contrary to "near field" describes a more distantly sphere. Near and far are relative terms in this context, their borders are not clearly to identify. Whether it‘s Zanzibar or Delos: it is your own position in relation to a reference point which again and again points out the difference between a distant view and a dedicative contiguousness viewer. As different the published works seem to be in first case - combined a new space is created: non-descriptive, cross-medially, purely artificial, constructed and imaginative.

Rivkah Young & Peter Wildanger, October 2008